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Get clear about the future you want. Insight for Action: Visioning is a dynamic, interactive session that engages your organization's leaders. Using graphic facilitation (drawing out loud), participants develop a shared understanding of the organization's history, context, values, and opportunities, resulting in a fresh vision that drives the identification of 5 Bold Steps the organization can begin now in order to bring about their future vision. 


Many strategic plans are too complex to be executed. The Insight for Action: Strategy workshop facilitates the creation of a concise, clear and executable strategy for your organization. Consider involving your Board in this session to gain valuable insight and build support. You'll answer the 5 Key questions that lead to an effective strategy. This workshop can follow our Strategic Visioning session, or function as a stand-alone workshop.

"Strategy requires making explicit choices--to do some things and not others--and

building a business around those choices."

A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin, in Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works